Best bitcoin exchange in nigeria

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There are several bitcoin exchange site in Nigeria, choosing the best bitcoin exchange site in Nigeria may therefore becoming challenging.

There are few things you need to check before choosing the best bitcoins site in Nigeria you want to trade with. Below are a few list of things to consider

  1. Is the website secured or not? Secured sites comes with HTTPS instead of HTTP. This means your details will be safe when entered on the site.
  2. Does the site allow you to convert naira directly to bitcoins and vise versa. if the site allows other currency conversion like perfect money to bitcoin and no naira to bitcoin conversion its most like not designed for Nigerians.
  3. What is the minimum trade allowed on the site. If you need to buy a 2000 naira worth of bitcoins and the site offers a minimum of 10,000 naira it is most likely not the best bitcoin site for you.
  4. Is the exchange rate reasonable compared to other market prices?
  5. Does the site have contact information like email and phone no. you can contact in case you have any issue with your order? it is always a good idea to send an email to them to see if you will get any response or give a call.
  6. What is the processing time. A very good bitcoin exchange site should be able to process bitcoins exchange within an hour of purchase or at most 2 hours.
  7. Does the site an available quote, some site does not have quotes available they just quote 1BTC = 0 or NULL

Below is a list of some of BEST BITCOIN EXCHANGE SITES in NIGERIA








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