Bitcoin $6545.980 – CryptoCurrency Trading Report – 21.09.2018 ,10:03am

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And now let’s see a summary of the last 60 minutes.

Bitcoin was in the top position in the last hour, the exchange rate decreases from 6698.690dollars to 6698.690. This is a 0% recorded change.Bitcoin

Bitcoin is seconded by Tether in the top list, the system tells that there was a -0.27% downfall of its value in the last sixty minutes, this means from 1.001 dollars previous value now at 0.999 dollars.


Just in a sixty minutes timeframe, our system shows that Ethereum is in the third position on among the most popular currency in the digital market, with a -0.28% collapse on its trade value in the exchange market, that means 226.166 dollars earlier now 225.533 dollars.Ethereum

XRP is on the fourth place on our list of the most popular cryptocurrency in the crypto exchanges. It has a change of 2.21% increase, which means from 0.461 dollars up to 0.471dollars in the last one hour.


Top 5 on the list among the most popular crypto currency is EOS. It has -0.06% downfall in the last one hour making it 5.769 dollars from its previous 5.773dollar value.


The sixth position is Bitcoin Cash, with a 0.14% increase in its value in the exchange market, which means from 480.629 dollars now 481.302 dollars.Bitcoin Cash

The biggest stock raisings of the last one hour are:

  1. Mero – 515.16%: rose from 0.00147 dollars to 0.009047 dollars.
  2. Vulcano [OLD] – 414.22%: increased from 0.00234 dollars to 0.0121 dollars.
  3. PayPie – 201.87%: is standing by 0.05078 dollars after the previous 0.153 dollars rates.
  4. Monster Byte – 99.59%: according to the 0.0369 dollars from earlier it is going up to 0.0737 dollars.

The biggest share falls of the last one hour are:

  1. Bitsum – -45.75%: rose from 0.000133 dollars to 0.000072 dollars.
  2. ExchangeN – -45.31%: increased from 0.0123 dollars to 0.00670 dollars.
  3. BitF – -32.75%: is standing by 0.0365 dollars after the previous 0.0245 dollars rates.
  4. Noku – -32.02%: according to the 0.270 dollars from earlier it is going up to 0.183dollars.


source:  Walletinvestor

AuthorTemitayo Olojede ,

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Editor Bitkonga

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