Bitcoin Price Breaks $7,000 After 4% Gain, Crypto Market Adds $12 Billion

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In the past 24 hours, despite the negative expectations of most investors towards Bitcoin, the crypto market has recovered by $12 billion from $216 billion to $228 billion.

The Bitcoin price has surpassed a key resistance level at $7,000 after breaking out of the $6,800 mark, which as several widely recognized cryptocurrency traders emphasized, was crucial for the short-term recovery of Bitcoin.

If Bitcoin had failed to surpass beyond the $6,800 mark, a minor correction could have been initiated, potentially leading the dominant cryptocurrency back to low $6.000. Instead, with a solid spike in volume and newly gained momentum, BTC has recovered to $7,000 bringing tokens with it.

source: ccn

AuthorTemitayo Olojede ,

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Editor Bitkonga

Editor Bitkonga

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