BitMEX Twitter ‘Hacked’ as Identities Are Leaked and Bitcoins Are Reportedly Stolen

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Some strange happenings have been reported on BitMEX — which are raising concerns over the Bitcoin exchange possibly being compromised.

Recent occurrences in relation to BitMEX are raising red flags that the exchange may have possibly been compromised in some way. The Twitter handle @BitMEXdotcom posted two tweets earlier today that were promptly deleted. One read “Hacked” and the other said “Take Your BTC and run. Last day for withdrawals.”

Larry Cermak @lawmaster · 3hReplying to @lawmaster

As if it was not enough, @BitMEXdotcom twitter account was also briefly compromised…

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Larry Cermak @lawmaster

This happened a little over 10 minutes ago and was quickly deleted

Take your BTC and run: Twitterarchived 1 Nov 2019 12:57:07 UTCarchive.md321:10 PM – Nov 1, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee Larry Cermak ‘s other Tweets

Now, the situation would have been a relative non-story if it was only confined to Twitter. However, it seems like there’s more to the situation than just a potentially hacked Twitter account.

A Twitter account was also created today called Bitmexdatabaseleak (@Bitmexdatabase1). It has been leaking information all day on user IDs and their real identities, supposedly.


Whose account do we leak next? …BitMEX@BitMEXdotcomUpdated: We are aware of an email privacy issue impacting our customers. We have identified the root cause and will be in touch with any users affected by the issue. See our blog for details: …912:39 PM – Nov 1, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee Bitmexdatabaseleak’s other Tweets

The account claims to have access to hundreds of thousands of customer information, including famous people in the cryptocurrency world. One tweet sent out claimed to be the email of Tone Vays’ and his personal email address — which has been verified by checking the archives at CoinTelegraph.


There is a Bitmex hack group on telegram already. They claim be cracking emails, have 113 bitcoin already and laughing at people who have profiles on dating sites with same email they have for exchanges

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9011:42 AM – Nov 1, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy64 people are talking about this

Telegram groups are also reportedly popping up that share details of the leaked email addresses. Thus, it seems that the theory that BitMEX was compromised in some way has some legs.

BitMEX Bitcoin

Earlier today, BeInCrypto reported that BitMEX was reckless in sending an email using ‘to’ instead of blind carbon copy. It allowed for the entire email address list to be seen by whoever received the email — a massive blunder that likely compromised thousands of accounts. However, with the emerging story of further leaks, there seems to be more to the story.

Editor’s Note: This story is breaking and details continue to emerge. This article will be updated as the story develops. 

Update (1:51 PM UTC): According to some, BitMEX’s Community Manager was fired and is responsible for the tweets claiming that the exchange was hacked. 

Update (2:02 PM UTC): The official BitMEX Twitter account has reassured users that “all funds are safe.”

Source: Beincrypto

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