Buy Bitcoins with Paypal in Nigeria

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You can now buy bitcoins in Nigeria using your PayPal account. This can be done on Bitkonga Exchange site.

The benefit of using this method to buy bitcoins is because it is fast and convinient, however it is not the cheapest method to Buy bitcoin in Nigeria. When you Buy Bitcoin with Paypal in Nigeria , the exchange platform usually charge higher exchange rate because of the high risk of using paypal and because of high paypal fees. Paypal is high risk beacuase some fraudulent buyers can do paypal chargeback after receiving bitcoin.

Bitkonga Exchange process paypal to bitcoin exchange for Nigerian’s almost instantly after receiving paypal payment, however you will need o be a verified users.

Bitcoins will be bought using official exchange rate which is not available in the market majorly due to Nigerian government restrictions on foreign exchange.

To buy bitcoin with paypal in Nigeria will need to have a verified paypal account with the amount you wish to exchange in your paypal balance.

You may also be required to provide your photo ID before you can do paypal to bitcoin exchange

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