Where to buy Dash Coin in Nigeria

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Where to buy Dash Coin in Nigeria

As Bitcoin price keeps rising, now at over 3 Million naira at the time of this post; small investors considers this price as too high to make any significant return on investment. Therefore investors are now looking for alternative coins to buy, one such is DASH Coin. Dash is one the most undervalued coins in the cryptocurrency market the price now at $444 with a potential of reaching over $2000 thereby making it a coin of choice for small investors.

One advantage DASH coin has over bitcoin is its transfer speed. If you send DASH to someone, the person will receive the DASH coin almost immediately because of the low confirmation time.

Most Nigerian know about bitcoin but not so much about DASH coin. If you are looking for Where to buy Dash Coin in Nigeria below are a List of some of the very few exchanges where to buy DASH coin in Nigeria.

Bitkonga Exchange


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