CryptoWorld Co’s Wall Street & The Internet Of Money March 22, 2018

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CryptoWorld is an organization dedicated to providing informative forums in the rapidly evolving blockchain technology sector. Veterans in the world of finance and investment lead the company. These people understand the impact blockchain technology will have on the world’s economy and they want to help you understand it too.

Why You Should Care About CryptoWorld

The team behind CryptoWorld has many years of experience in the world of retail and institutional investment. This team has also been able to collaborate with leading academics and industry leaders to come up with educational materials that are commercially successful.

With the recent rise in the blockchain technology and the growth of crypto coins, investors are swamped with information and misinformation all the time. Most people do not understand things such as asset class, investment products, and reliable valuation methods when it comes to the blockchain. This is also true for funds, regulators, and exchanges. Most of them are still trying to find solutions and protections for market participants globally.

The CryptoWorld team intends to address all of this issue in a conference that will take place in New York City on March 22. The agenda will feature a group of world-class speakers and will be promoted in an interactive format that will encourage debate and dialogue. It will also be quite a stimulating learning environment for those who show up to the conference.

At the conference, some time has also been set aside for networking. During this time, attendees will be able to meet in person with the speakers as well as many other industry participants. Not only will this be a time to grow your knowledge on crypto but an opportunity to grow your relevant contacts as well.

What You Can Expect to Gain

At the conference, here are the three main things you can expect to gain:

Networking Opportunities

At this conference, you will be able to meet with important people in the world of finance and crypto. For many, this is a rare opportunity. You will be able to understand what ICO project developers and advisors, ETF Funds, those in academia, banks, the media, and government agencies all think about this new blockchain technology. Attendees will have an opportunity to share their ideas and get some useful feedback.

A Branding Opportunity

If you are currently working on a blockchain project, this will be a perfect branding opportunity. You will be able to present your brand to the people that matter and probably get them talking about it. Besides that, presenting your brand at a major event such as this one in New York City will be the perfect chance for you to unveil your brand.

Grow Your Experience

At the conference, you will have the perfect opportunity to grow your network and learn from what others know. You will hear from a mix of speakers and the challenges that they have been able to overcome in the world of blockchain technology. You can utilise this experience to become even better.

Author: Temitayo Olojede | Career Advisor | Job mandate |

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