To exchange naira to bitcoins please follow the steps below

STEP 1: Go to   Create an account the login


STEP 2:  Under SEND select Bank transfer and Under RECEIVE select Bitcoins


STEP 3: Under “Amount send” enter the amount of naira you want to send to us, the “amount receive” will show the amount of bitcoins you will receive. then click the blue arrow


STEP 4: Enter your email address and your bitcoins wallet address then click the blue arrow. we recommend you copy and paste your bitcoins address so it is correct.


STEP 5: Check the information is correct then click Confirm order


STEP 6: Send naira to our bank details shown. after making payment to us enter the name as it appears in your bank account where it says “enter transaction number/batch” or any ref number given by bank. then click confirm transaction.


STEP 7: Your bitcoins will be sent to the BTC wallet address you have provided as soon as we receive the naira you sent to us.