Finles Capital Ltd. presents FundCoin: new solutions for ICOs

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Finles Capital Ltd ICO

During the past two years, venture capital investments in blockchain-related projects reached a value of $1.7 billion in a few industries including payments, health, agriculture driving sustainable, and accelerated growth.

Of course, the blockchain, and the currencies and assets market offer many opportunities because cryptocurrencies market capitalization increased 7 times during the year and a lot of digital currencies are being accepted by major tech corporations all around the world.

But, on the other side of the coin, there are a few opportunities that Finles Capital is trying to achieve thanks to FundCoin.

FundCoin solves crypto funding-related issues

FundCoin is a secured digital asset that is backed by investments in a balanced professionally managed private equity fund.

It offers a few advantages, including:

  • Hedges cryptocurrency market high volatility and correlation due to underlying investments  in private companies;
  • Allows crypto investors to benefit from an institutional high-performance  investment asset class;
  • Links crypto capital to the real world, income, and growth generated by real companies operating activities: a safer harbor for the upcoming cryptocurrency possible market correction;
  • Regular income generated by alternative and private equity investments can be used to buyback FundCoin from the market to support liquidity and quotation.

With ICOs under increased scrutiny, FundCoin provides investors a safer harbour for capital growth and preservation in a highly volatile market through a diversified portfolio.

FundCoin ICO provides retail investors with the benefits of a high performance and liquidity generating private equity fund with investments in blockchain, usually the preserve of institutional investors.

Finles’ ICO

Finles announced that it is anticipating oversubscription for the €100m FundCoin ICO, the first ever Initial Coin Offering investing in a private equity fund.

FundCoin is backed by investments in Lowestoft, a balanced and diversified private equity fund, managed by Finles Capital Management.

FundCoin is the original private equity token opening up a new class of cryptocurrencies linked to a high-performance asset class rather than a single company or currency, providing investors a safer way to invest in the blockchain thanks to a structure previously only accessible by professional investors.

The ICO will pre-launch on the last week of September 2017 with each FundCoin initially priced at €1.

Much of the €100m portfolio will be allocated to traditional private investments, but up to 30% will be invested across the blockchain industry, a sector that is set to grow at 60% CAGR by 2027.

This FundCoin ICO is different from the others because it will be backed by a fund rather than connected to a specific company. Other ICOs, in fact, are used by individual companies without any backing.

The fund is targeting an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 25%, driven mainly by the high growth of the blockchain industry.

In fact, one of the greatest advantages offered by FundCoin is that it protects crypto investor’s capital from the high crypto market fluctuations of 25%  in a few days due to underlying assets that are uncorrelated investments in private companies.

The coins are not mined, so are finite in number, and will also be tradeable on the secondary market enabling investors to exit much more easily than traditional funds. Coin owners will receive their return on investment through coin buybacks.  

What is Finles Capital Management?

Finles, or the company that manages the Lowestoft Fund, is a boutique asset manager with a 40-year history and on average €500m under management.

it is important to highlight that Finles offers a professional investment management approach by investing up to 30% in the high growth blockchain industry itself rather than specific blockchain companies or currencies

Also, Finles is fully regulated (AIFMD) by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), approved UCITS Fund Investment Manager by the Authority of Malta (MFSA) and Registered in the USA by the SEC; and its customers include agencies such as Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, Private Banks, Wealth Managers and Family offices.

It received several awards as the World Finance Hedge Fund Awards in 2013 or the International Hedge Fund Awards back in 2014, just to quote a few of them.

You can share your interest in the Finles’ ICO here.


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