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WORD token airdrop

WORD White Paper 2.0

1.0 Introduction
WORD token is the utility token of the Starlybooks platform. It will be used for transactional purposes on the platform.
Starlybooks is an ebook platform where writers meet readers.
Ebook platforms are replacing paperback books.
Starlybooks wants to be at the forefront of this development. With the coming of age of the blockchain, we're fusing ebooks with the decentralisation of the blockchain.
Starlybooks is building a platform for future readers and writers to express their stories and attract readers from all over the world.
The Future is African!
When Chinụa Achebe wrote "Things Fall Apart", it was a story never before read, unspoken of and unseen by the West. This book went on to become a best seller globally.
The Starlybooks platform will be showcasing African writers from everywhere in Africa leveraging on preexisting networks. We will be scouting the country and Africa as a whole for writers to tell their stories on our platform.

2.0 Problem and solution
Before now, existing platforms struggled with paying writers on their platforms in fiat as they had writers from across the world. We solved this problem with the WORD token.
Now, writers from all over the world have a common currency they would receive payment in.
They would then go on to exchange WORD for FTM and USDT which they can sell for their local currency.
Crypto currencies are the future and blockchain is here to stay. The blockchain is a technology of necessity, hence, people will learn what is necessary come what may.
We've seen this paradigm shift, hence, we've decided to thread this path. In a few years to come, every person on the planet would be blockchain literate.
The Starlybooks platform is solving another problem. That is, we will not be sharing in the writer's sales. All writers will get 100% of their sales.
With this, the Starlybooks platform is truly a community platform. And writers will choose this platform over others where they pay exorbitant fees for each sales.

3.0 The Starlybooks Platform
The Starlybooks platform is a platform for writers who want to make money from writing novels. The platform will have the following features:
Premium writers will be paid in Word token.
Non-premium writers will be able to incentivise readers to read their books inorder to increase their views so they can become premium writers.
Only writers who gain 1,000 views on a book can become a premium writer.

4.0 The NFT Book Number (NFN)
Books will be made into NFTs to be sold as NFTs to anyone looking to buy the work of ghost writers.
The buyer has exclusive rights to the book once purchase, thus, simplifying the process of acquiring books using smart contracts.
The book will be minted on the starlybooks website after paying an amount of WORD, depending on the size of the book.
Or by other platforms who simply want to have the book exclusively on their platform in perpetuity.

5.0 WORD token tokenomics/distribution
Private sale: 2 million
Main sale: 2 million
Airdrop: 4 million
Website development and team vesting: 2 million

6.0 WORD Token Details
Symbol: WORD
Decimal: 6
Contract address: 0xba2b469778083572b56e7347eef2ebf751fcea73
Blockchain: Fantom

7.0 Private Sale
The private will begin on November 6th and end on November 30, 2021. There will only be 20 buyers allowed.
2 million WORD token will be sold at 50 FTM for 100,000 WORD. That is, 0.0005 FTM for 1 WORD.

8.0 Airdrop distribution
A total of 4 million WORD will be distributed over a period of time.
100 WORD will be airdropped to each address.

9.0 Exchange/ DEX Listing
If the community grows, it might be listed for free on bigger exchanges.

10.0 Starly Platform Launch Date
Starly Platform will be launched in December of 2021.

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