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get bitcoins in nigeria

It is a fact that the demand for bitcoin is constantly increasing in Nigeria, therefore more and more Nigerians are seeking for easier ways to get bitcoins in Nigeria. This rise in the demand for bitcoins is majorly due to Nigerians current economic condition which has made a lot of people turn to the internet for easy ways of making money.

Nigerians are now joining various online money making program and most of this programs require bitcoin to join as a member. There are several ways you can get bitcoin in Nigeria some of it includes:

Buying from friends and members of the same online opportunities like yourself, because members of your online money making programs get paid with bitcoin, they will be looking for ways to get back naira and the easiest way to do this is by selling to another member in need of bitcoin to join the same program and cycle will continue depending on the life cycle of the online opportunity.

You can also get bitcoin in Nigeria from bitcoin exchange site like bitkonga exchange . Exchange sites help you to exchange your naira for bitcoins and also to change your bitcoin back to naira. Nigerian BTC exchange sites rates may be high but they provide a valuable service when you are in urgent need for bitcoins.

Bitcoins can also be bought from online forums like nairaland but you need to be careful with this method as some of the sellers on this forum are out there to run away with your money.

And lastly another easy way to get bitcoins in Nigeria is to use peer to peer bitcoin site like localbitcoins and remitano. The advantage on peer to peer is that the process can be very fast if both party doing the trade are ready.

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