Growth of Ripple XRP not Dissuading, it’s as Nascent as a New Business

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  • XRP investment is like starting a new business
  • There is benefit in both failure and success in business

Ripple XRP is back on course like many other cryptocurrencies. The last 48 hours marked a period when all digital currencies underwent market price retardation, a period when any cryptocurrency believer is liable to suddenly become a doubting Thomas.

XRP community is a large ecosystem that houses a highly voluminous number of enthusiasts anticipating to see Ripple XRP grow into prominence with daily emergence of heavyweight adoption.

To say the fact, one of the outstanding qualities of an entrepreneur gunning for success is perseverance. Both success and failure are expected in business, and they are the two unavoidable phases needed to become a prosperous investor eventually.

When you fail, you retrace in order not to be an abject failure. Also, when success comes, you push to consolidate so as to become successful outstandingly. Ripple XRP is at the edge of one these important phases, though both are good for the digital asset and its patient investors.

Ripple XRP enjoyed good market atmosphere throughout the past week, grew as high as $0.47 in the cryptocurrency market, except the last 48 hours when the market lost its balance, and saw XRP dropped as low as $0.35.

This situation quite affected majority of all top cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC). The little transition in price sprang up the embedded doubt in the heart of some investors and crypto enthusiasts.

Ripple XRP is Nascent like a New Business

Ripple XRP is as nascent as the crypto sphere. Investors should rather see it as a newly established business that needs a wide range of time to develop and get firmly rooted.

Ripple as an open source protocol platform invented to make very fast and affordable transaction has been busy building resolute ground for XRP, which might not be clear now, but expected for outstanding success at not too distant time.

Kieran Kelly, a typical Ripple XRP investor and enthusiast recently made a beautiful clarification about starting a new business and investing in XRP.

Kelly in his personal view does not expect a capital and sudden return from investing in Ripple XRP, but sees his effort as investing for the future, such as 5 to 10 years before a significant return.

Read Kelly’s excerpt below:

“When I put money into XRP I thought of it like investing in a new business. 2017 was very kind but I don’t expect major profits in any business for 5-10 years.”

Kelly’s statement above quite differentiates a real investor from a gambler. As aforementioned, failure in business could be inevitable but serves more as implement to make the success happen.

Ripple’s Effort on XRP Success is Priceless

Ripple has consistently displayed its determination to mutually initiate XRP’s success, both in market price and mass adoption.

Unlike Bitcoin (BTC) that was not initially designed to be a simple payment machine, Ripple with its functional payment system has convinced a host of notable and globally known institutions like International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank and others.

It is getting more obvious that Ripple could win the race in terms of international transactions with its ambition to bring its currency, XRP to the limelight.

Ripple’s vocal advocate had earlier assured that efforts have been in place to take XRP to expected destination in all spheres, which would eventually reflect distinctly on its price in the cryptocurrency market.

At press time, Ripple’s XRP is trading at approximately $0.41, a price expected to get better daily. Every XRP investor yearns to see its price climb and break $1 resistance, then see it take the subsequent price heights one at a time.

However, it would be resourceful for investors to see Ripple’s XRP as a newly established business that needs time to grow and become a stronghold in the crypto sphere and in the world at large. With the mutual efforts of Ripple and XRP, no height is impossible.

Source: TodaysGazette

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