How to avoid Bitcoins Scammers in Nigeria

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It is a fact that scammers are everywhere and their only aim is to run away with your money through any means possible. They can be online on forums like nairaland or other nigerian business forum or Fb group. In this post I will be showing you how to identify bitcoin scammers and avoid bitcoin scammers in NIgeria.

How to identify scam

1. A scammer don’t usually write details such as number etc about themselves in their profile
2. They usually offer mouthwatery trade e.g selling bitcoin at a rediculous rate always check the rates on blockchain to do your comparism
3. Their whatsapp profile does not have a profile picture. They are only online when they wanto chant with someone they are about to scam.
4. Bitcoins scammers on forums like nairaland usually have relatively new profiles with no useful post or thread.
5. They dont use their real names if found on facebook and very few photos usually of someone else.
6. They are always in a hurry during transaction constantly reminding you of the good deal they are offering. Theysometimes promise to send you 2BTC for the price of one and tell you that you can pay later
7. They use different names and different accounts

How to protect yourself from bitcoins scammers

1. Trade with only trusted bitcoins exchanger in Nigeria .
2. Use ESCROW like localbitcoins when you are trading with less trusted fellow
3. Research on identity of the fellow you want to trade with is possible. Chat with them on whatsapp or call them to know them more


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