How to buy bitcoin in Nigeria
How to buy bitcoin in Nigeria

In the post we will will be showing you how to buy bitcoin in Nigeria. There are several ways you can buy Bitcoins in Nigeria. Some of these ways includes:

Directly from person to person: this means you can buy bitcoins directly from a friend doing a similar online money making program as yourself because they may have some bitcoins to sell from the money they made from the the online program they are doing. This method gives you peace of mind has you know the person you are buying from.

From online forums: You can buy bitcoins from Nigerian based online forums like nairaland. the only challenge with this method is you need to be careful with scammers as you don’t know the sellers directly please read our post on buying bitcoin on nigeria nairaland. Most sellers will require to send money before they send you bitcoins

Bitcoin Exchange site: There are several Nigerian based exchange website that will allow you to exchange your naira to bitcoins. This method appears to be one the safest but it may appear expensive as most exchange site have to pay for site maintenance cost and for advertisement.

We higly recommend buying bitcoin with Bitkonga Exchange as it is safe , fast and secured. Unlike other Nigerian exchange site that you may need to wait for 12- 24 hours to get your bitcoin most buyer get their bitcoins within 30 minutes of purchase.




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