Is Be-Granted Crowdfunding a SCAM?

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The word SCAM is a familiar term with most people. especially if you have been involved with a lot of online money making program. Be-Granted is a new online crowdfunding money making scheme that just launched. They said they will help members fund their chosen project by helping them raise 16 BTC (approx $16,000) monthly

From our research, the domain name for Be-Granted was registered on 11/11/2016 making it just about 3 months old. Be-Granted founder claims to have learned from the mistakes of another online opportunity called ZAR funds. Am sure most readers will be familiar with zar fund which operates a 2X2 matrix model.

Be-Granted says it’s the first in the world hybrid and hermetic peer to peer crowdfunding platform, where members voluntarily give and receive donations from each other every month.
It is said to be a new way of raising money online for various projects: personal, business, charity etc.
Be-Granted mission is to help 1 million people live their passions and projects in sync with nature. Their vision is to be by 2020 top peer to peer crowdfunding platform in the world. The Video below will explain all you need to know about Be-Granted

Pros of Be-Granted

The platform looks properly built and the owners seems to have spent a lot to create it

There is no central bank account all funds are donated peer to peer

This system will be difficult be more difficult stall compared to others similar peer to peer donation as it only give room for serious members

Cheap one-time out of pocket donation of 0.03BTC

It has global platform meaning there will be no shortage of donors.


It is still relatively new to determine our solid it will become

Members need to get 2 people within 30 days or else account will be deleted causing them to loose money

It required a bit of commitment and hard work to succeed with it. if you are the type that likes challenges this may be for you


If you cannot refer 2 people and it will be a problem to you if you loose 0.03 BTC. please, we do not recommend you join, but if you are the type that is ready to do the extra work of recruiting other people and have the 0.03 BTC to spare you may give it a try. 16BTC seems a good income if you can.

We will keep an eye on BE-Granted and let you know if there are any update about the program


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