Litecoin Halving Failed to Raise LTC Price But Bitcoin Halvening Will Work: Analyst

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After numerous anticipations of Litecoin price surging after the halving on August 5, many got disappointed and now express an opinion that the Bitcoin halving that is due next year will not have much of an effect on the BTC quotes either.

A prominent BTC analyst on Twitter, PlanB, opposes that opinion, giving a reason why the LTC price failed to benefit from the much-expected halving.

Lack of relationship with the stock-to-flow ratio

The crypto analyst PlanB claims that the reason why the Litecoin price was unable to go up after the halving was a low connection with the stock-to-flow ratio.

As the upcoming BTC halvening is drawing closer, slowly but surely, many crypto experts are positive that as soon as the amount of minted BTC gets cut down by half, the price of the asset will surge. Among them is the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital Anthony Pompliano. Many times, he has voiced that thought on CNBC’s Fast Money show to his crypto-skeptic opponents.

However, some in the crypto community also show their skeptical attitude to the possible BTC price spike after the approaching halving in 2020.

The analyst explains the LTC halving ‘failure’

PlanB pointed out that the LTC price is not so much connected to the stock-to-flow ratio, unlike Bitcoin. This ratio indicates the overall amount of a commodity stored in inventories and divided by its amount produced on an annual basis.

Source: U Today

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