Liverpool Gets Its First Bitcoin ATM

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AlphaVend, the UK’s leading Bitcoin ATM manufacturers, have officially installed Liverpool’s first Bitcoin ATM. The machine is located inside the Herman Vapes shop on Cases Street and is currently ready for use by the public.

The Bitcoin ATM will give inexperienced users an opportunity to experiment with Bitcoin for the first time without needing to sign up to an exchange, while also giving veteran crypto enthusiasts an option to buy and sell bitcoin in a matter of just minutes.

Bitcoin ATMs are an extremely useful tool for introducing cryptocurrency to the public. They allow novices to see what exactly a bitcoin transaction is and how useful crypto can be. They also serve as a reminder that, at its heart, cryptocurrency is designed to be used as a means of payment rather than just an asset used to make a profit.

The fact that more Bitcoin ATMs are still being produced is a further sign of the cryptocurrency industry maturing as a whole. Market leaders are constantly making the process of handling cryptocurrency more accessible to the masses. Another way this is happening is through crypto debit cards such as those issued by Wirex. The Wirex crypto debit cards let users seamlessly pay for goods in shops around the world with their bitcoin or litecoin. Wirex cards handle both cryptocurrency and fiat cash together.

At the moment, Coin ATM Radar lists 125 Bitcoin ATMs within the United Kingdom. While this is an impressive number for such a small country, a substantial amount of them are located in London. The fact that more ATMs are now being installed in other areas is a positive sign for the UK’s future in cryptocurrency.

The ATM, located in Herman Vapes, will be available for use between 10:00 am and 5:30 pm Monday-Saturday, and 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Sundays. A representative of Herman Vapes commented on the situation saying they are ‘really excited’ and that they are sure it will ‘attract plenty of interest’.

source::::Kai Morris(cryptocurrency copywriter and professional trader).
Author: Temitayo Olojede | Career Advisor | Job mandate |
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