Merchant-Consumer Dynamic — Traditional vs SUBAJ Global Network

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Many of us view shopping as a hassle. If you decide to shop offline, you have to leave the comforts of your house to embark on a long, arduous trip to the mall, or the flea market if you are skint or adventurous. You walk around for what seems like ages, unsure of whether you will find the item of your desire, in a price that you are comfortable with. Some of us may prefer online shopping: sitting comfortably, clicking through products. But online shopping is not without its own set of pains. You usually spend money, without any guarantee of returns, especially if you desperately need something during a non-discount season. Or, in order to find the best deal, you click through links, glued onto your phone/laptop for long hours hoping for that one saving grace that will help you save a little money.

E-commerce is a fairly new phenomena that began to rise after the internet began to gain prominence in almost every household, all over the world. Digitization of commerce is much more beneficial than the traditional approach to commerce for it saves you time, money and effort, and most importantly, you get to decide which brand is offering a better discount, much easily than offline commerce. Plus, people now are extremely comfortable in using a smartphone, and accessing the internet. Thus, it is a no-brainer that more and more brands are exploring the digital arena, also making it easier for them to tap into their target customer base and offer them what they really expect from the brand in question.

With an increase in a company’s online clientele, there is also a spike in the demands of these consumers. If clients find out that one brand is offering more discounts, many will naturally shift to that brand. But the biggest issue here is that, no brand is really offering discounts all the time, making it difficult for the consumer to shop online frequently without burning a hole in their pocket. And even if brands offer them reward points, they can only redeem those points with that particular brand leading to a rather sour shopping experience. And with the busy lifestyle that many of us are leading, online markets are acting like an unavoidable plague, taking in all the money, and not giving the consumer anything in return.

These problems are not just restricted to the consumer, but also brands that are tired of having to go through a cumbersome process to render their product to their clients. They have to pay a hefty amount for advertisements, which definitely is a great tool to market a brand, but reward systems are a fool proof way to foster a healthy relationship between brands and their customer base.

In order to solve this problem, Mr. Adebayo Surakatu developed SUBAJ, an online platform acting as a one-size-fits-all reward based solution for different types of online and offline communities. It solves the aforementioned problems by establishing a decentralized infrastructure platform of global commerce between the merchants and the customers. SUBAJ helps these brands to easily target and communicate with the potential consumer base for their goods and services. They have created an environment wherein digital tokens are issued to the customers, bringing a better value to businesses and improving the shopping experience of the customer. Also, one of the biggest issues that they have solved is that tokens assigned by each brand, is easily inter-changeable, and can be redeemed on other brands as well. SUBAJ also enables and promotes engagement and communication between brands and consumers, informing them about their goods and services.

How SUBAJ has managed to shift the market dynamics is astounding. If you are as excited as I am, do join me and be part of their sale, for they go live in thirteen days! Click on the link below to experience the comfort of online shopping yourself.

To find out more, visit

Read the white paper here.

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Name:      Adebayo Surakatu

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