Milestone: 500,000th Euro to XRP Using XRParrot Converted

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Wietse Wind, the founder of XRP TipBot and XRParrot is a major developer pushing for the adoption of Ripple’s XRP through diverse means.

A few hours ago, the cerebral developer announced that XRParrot just converted its 500,000th Euro to XRP. In November, when it was launched, XRParrot broke a mighty milestone.

In just three working days, the XRP Community converted 125,000 XRP, an amount that was approximately €50,000 as at the time.

In January, XRParrot, a wonderful use case powered by Gate Hub’s XRPL EUR IOU, announced that the monthly XRP purchase limit has been pegged to £2000 instead of the usual £500.

In March, approximately 4 months that XRParrot accepted it first BETA transaction (moving from £500 to £2000 payment limit), the XRP-centric payment innovation achieved its 350,000th Euro to XRP conversion. The conversion, according to available information originated from 31 countries across the globe.

Wietse wind the founder of the innovation with his team at XRPL Labs are at the front adding outstanding use cases to XRP ecosystem.

Months back they were supported by Xpring, an initiative by Ripple centred on investing, incubating, acquiring and providing grants to companies and projects run by proven entrepreneurs.

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XRPL Labs’ XRP TipBot, a bot that enables users on reddit, Twitter and Discord to send Ripple XRP to each other, is planning to acquire European banking license purposely to widen its reach and go beyond been a tipping bot on social platform.

Around the same time, Bitrue Exchange partnered with XRP TipBot to make it easier for users to deposit other cryptos to the XRP TipBot.

As its tentackles widens, there is hope that XRPL Labs innovative ideas will increase the adoption of Ripple’s XRP.

SOURCE: Todaysgazette

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