Tutellus: an Education Solution for Students

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The Traditional education system still relies upon the kind of teaching methods that involve imparting education to students through face-to-face interaction on a daily basis. This model, it would seem, has already outlived its usefulness.

Conventional education systems are designed to serve the elites’ interests, doing little to enable class mobility. The unavailability of offline education makes many students worldwide choose online learning services instead. Based on highly innovative technologies, online education platforms offer users the opportunity to get educated faster and in a more accessible manner.

We’re currently stand on the verge of a new era of digitalization, watching as online services slowly but steadily become more and more a part of our everyday life. In contrast to traditional in-person interaction, online services can achieve greater speed and availability, which has enabled them to make a considerable impact on the fields of trading and data management as well as our social lives. As of today, the education sector looks set to be the next historically slow adopter to be disrupted by innovative technologies.

One of the projects committed to disrupting the sector is Tutellus. Tutellus was conceived as a collaborative educational platform in 2013, but now the team behind the project is planning to implement blockchain and cryptocurrency to transform its brainchild. Miguel Caballero, a co-founder of Tutellus, comments:

We discovered, during 2017, that if we could decentralize our model and tokenize our assets, the possibilities for our community would grow exponentially. We have chosen the NEM blockchain because of its speed and customization. NEM is able to run about 1,000 transactions per second, compared to Ethereum’s seven. In addition, NEM allows us to deploy internal blockchains, with no fees for transactions, that we will use to keep track of the tokens’ movements”

Tutellus will make use of an integrated incentive system that will pay students for learning and remunerate teachers according to their impact on the success of their students.

The Tutellus ecosystem provides two kinds of tokens for its users: TUT and Smart TUT (STUT). The former, TUT token, is a transactional one, and STUT (Smart TUT) tokens enables users to manage their relevance.

Having partnered with Cryptonomos, Tutellus will launch its initial coin offering (ICO) in mid-May 2018. A pre-sale of TUT tokens begins on May 10. During this period, Tutellus provides users with a 20% bonus; the minimum purchase amount is 5 ETH.

A public token sale begins on June 12, 2018 and will remain open until either July 12 or the hardcap of $40 million is reached. During the ICO, participants will be able to purchase TUT tokens using ETH, BTC, XEM, LTC, BCH, ZCASH or DASH.

Details of the Token Sale

  1. Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 15 000 TUT;
  2. contribution: 0.05 ETH;
  3. Bonuses for early birds: up to 10%.

Purchases involving 100 ETH or more either during the pre-ICO or during the main sale will be treated one by one, with a bonus discussed individually with each buyer.

Tutellus plans to allocate the funds to product and engineering (40%), sales and marketing (20%), publicity and PR (20%), operations (10%), security, loyalty and reserves (10%).

DISCLAIMER: TUT public sale will not be open to citizens, residents or green card holders of the USA (including Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and any other protectorate of the USA) or other representatives of the USA

To participate in Tutellus ICO, visit the website tutellus.cryptonomos.com and go through the Know Your Client (KYC) procedure to enter the whitelist.

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