Where to buy bitcoins in Nigeria

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As more and more Nigerians are getting to know about bitcoin and its benefits there has been a recent increase in demand for bitcoin in Nigeria. Therefore many people are searching for where to buy bitcoin in Nigeria.

There are several sources where you can buy bitcoin in Nigeria. The main sources are Friends and Bitcoin Exchanger’s site.

One of the easiest and fastest way to get bitcoin in Nigeria is to ask a friend doing a similar online program that you are into because they may have some bitcoins to sell in exchange for naira cash or they may refer you to other friends that what to sell their bitcoins.

Another way to get bitcoin in Nigeria is through Bitcoin Exchangers. Bitcoin Exchangers are websites that allow you to exchange naira for bitcoin or to exchange your bitcoin for naira. A typical bitcoin exchanger will give an auto calculator the will help you calculate the value of bitcoins you will get in exchange for naira.bitcoin-exchanger-Nigeria

Some of the main Bitcoin site in Nigeria is:

One of the major worry when buying bitcoin in Nigeria is Trust. An average Nigeria is familiar with the word SCAM and sometimes find it difficult to separate what is genuine from scam so when a Nigerian don’t fully understand a thing or feel suspicious about it they simple call it a SCAM. These fears are real but it should never stop you from getting the benefits of online opportunities. So how do you protect yourself from fraudulent bitcoin sellers in Nigeria?

There are several things you need to check and do before buying bitcoin from any bitcoin exchanger even the ones listed above.

  1. Is the website secured? The way you know this is to check if the site is HTTP or HTTPS. HTTP site are not secured while HTTPS site are secured, this means they have a SSL certificate. This information can be seen in the address bar of your browser.


2. Does the site have a contact email or phone no? It is always good practice to check if the site as a means you can contact them in case there is any issues with your bitcoin purchase. I will suggest you test the contact by sending an email to the contact email address or calling the phone number to see if they work.

3. Buy only a small amount of bitcoin for the first time to test how effective the site is before buying higher bitcoin quantity.

4. How fast did you receive your bitcoins, A good bitcoin exchanger should be able to process bitcioin purchase within an hour. The best bitcoin exchangers process bitcoin purchase instantly

5. Read about what other customers are saying about the site. If positive then that is a good indicator. If there are lots of negative review about the site then you need to be careful or stay away.

If you need more help with buying bitcoin in Nigeria, please send an email to info@bitkonga.com .




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